400,000T/Yr Rated Capacity
Building 350,000 sq ft
250 acres (approximately)
31 Mw Power Favorable Rate
Private Rail Spurs 8,000 ft+

Raw Material Availability

Wawa Pellet Mill Fiber Availability

Available Fibre Volume:

Within the five Crown Forest Management units near the Wawa facility,(the Algoma Forest, the Martel Forest, the Magpie Forest, the Nagagami Forest and the White River forest) there exists around 2 million cubic meters of merchantable non-veneer poplar and white birch (80:20) sustainable fibre annually that is currently not being utilized.

Additionally, there are many private land townships as well as some sawmill residuals near the facility where additional fibre is available.

Fibre Securing Process:

In 2011, the Ontario Government passed the Ontario Forest Modernization Act. The passing of the act represented a significant milestone in modernizing forest tenure in Ontario. The direction of the Ontario government under tenure modernization is to no longer issue supply
agreements but to have proponents enter into business to business arrangements with the Sustainable Forest License (SFL) holders for access to fibre.

In October 2012 the Minister endorsed a Principles Document intended to guide the transition to Enhanced SFLs (eSFL).

The document was the result of a collaborative effort from representatives of several individual First Nations and members of the Forest Industry Working Group, Community Working Group, and MNRF staff.

The eSFL model is an evolution from the current shareholder SFL model. The eSFL business model for each management area is developed by local people and stakeholders including the mills. Mills with wood supply commitments would be invited to participate in discussions regarding transition to an eSFL Company on a proposed Management Area, will have the option to become a shareholder in that company and will be able to nominate representatives to the Board of Directors. The Wawa facility was an active participant in the proposed Magpie/Martel eSFL, which represented 53 percent of the mills fibre requirements at design capacity.

Built into the model are “on ramps” to allow new shareholders into the eSFL.  The Magpie/Martel eSFL has not yet been finalized.

Business to business arrangements would be required to be negotiated with Nawiinginokiima Forest Management Corporation for the fibre of the White River and Nagagami Forests and Clergue Forest Management for the fibre of the Algoma Forest.

For additional information it is suggested to contact the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource – Forest Industry Division – Forest Industry Unit – Dean Cederwall, Forest Industry Liaison Officer by phone at 705-235-1138 or email at dean.cederwall@ontario.ca.

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